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Published on January 22nd, 2022 | by Pokedude


Pokemon Knock Off, Palworld Looks Amusingly Cool!

Palworld is a video game which releases sometime in 2022 by developer Pocketpair. According to it’s STEAM profile it is an action, creature collecting, open world survival game. I for one really enjoyed the trailer. I know it’s a just a bunch of cinema to stir up us gamers, but it really looks cool! Yes most of the creatures resemble Pokemon characters, and maybe it’s harsh of me to call it a knock off, it’s possible the creators are just big fans of Pokemon and the game characters took on many of the characteristics and resemblances.

In any case the trailer is a little crazy and for the most part shows Pokemon using weapons such as what looks to be some sort of giant gun or canon, and even weirder what could be a Pokemon birthing chamber? Yes, either I’m crazy or we could see Pokemon birth in game. Weird!

Palworld also shows what seems to be Pokeballs capturing the Pokemon which I believe in this game are known as “Pals”. Yes, pals.. I mean because you know, everyone needs a pal every now and then, or many of them and if they happen to be accompanied by huge weapons, so be it!

In all honestly if the game turns out as neat as the trailer looks, I will try it out, knock off or not, a good game is a good game and no reason not to play it if you are a fan of the Pokemon genre of games. While some fans and perhaps the Pokemon company itself may not be happy about it (whether they are or aren’t I don’t know, just saying) because it’s obvious that Palworld could confuse Pokemon fans and especially new players coming in to Pokemon who could be thinking it is a legit Pokemon game, but I suppose that we’ll have to see if that happens when the game releases, for now we can just like or dislike the game trailer I suppose?


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